G & G Consulting Group, LLC
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About Us

G & G Consulting Group, LLC is a consulting firm that provides financial oversight, business services and human resources to small businesses, not for profit organizations, and charter schools in Colorado.  The firm was established in 2005, and the staff have over 100 years of combined financial oversight, business services and human resources experience. 

The Mission of G & G is to provide superior services to its clients in a collaborative and informative partnership that will benefit the client and the community it serves. 

G & G Consulting Group, LLC owners have been featured speakers both locally and nationally, presenting on business startup, board training, strategic planning, fund raising and development, facility planning and acquisition, charter school finance, balancing needs and wants, financial pitfalls, and many other business related topics. 

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (800) 593-9011.

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